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Middlebury College Gets Anonymous $20 Million Gift

Middlebury College Gets Anonymous $20 Million Gift

I want an anonymous $20 million gift too.

Angry dad shoots at video game

United Press International - NewsTrack - Angry dad shoots at video game

I know some people want to believe violent video games lead to violent behavior, but come on this is taking it a little to seriously.

Monday, April 24, 2006 - Nutty: 43-year-old fruitcake found in attic - Apr 19, 2006

Dennis Miller Quotes

Dennis Miller Quotes
A recent police study found that you're much more likely to get shot by a fat cop if you run

Baseball Mom Sleeps With Son's Teammate

38 Year Old Mom Has Sex With Son's High School Teammate

Well she had needs I suppose. I can only imagine how fun the bus trips were with one player nailing a teammate's mother.

Monopoly to roll the dice and change its board: Report - Apr. 24, 2006 - Two planes collide midair, killing 5 - Apr 24, 2006 - Two planes collide midair, killing 5

Isn't amazing this doesn't happen more often? - Keith Hernandez Having Trouble Getting Over Elaine

Keith Hernandez critical of woman's presence in dugout

Is he really so stupid that he didn't believe a comment like that would create a shitstorm for himself? I see it one of two ways, either he is in fact that stupid or he is just trying to get in the news whatever way he can.

Friday, April 21, 2006 - GOLF - Pocket aces for 58-year-old Massachusetts golfer

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Note To Self #2

Fuck Note To Self #1, just don't go into Property Law. - NFL - Favre says McNair 'doesn't deserve' exile treatment - NFL - Favre says McNair 'doesn't deserve' exile treatment

Yeah Mr. Favre, can you please just shut the fuck up. You ran your best receiver out of town by commenting on why he shouldn't hold out, and now you feel the need to stick your nose in other team's business. You were a great player, but just retire and go do whatever retired football players do in backwoods Mississippi.

Note To Self #1

If I choose to go into Property Law, move West of the Mississippi River.

Skeptic's Annotated Book of Mormon - NFL - Bengals give Johnson monster deal

Retiree Flushes Money Down Toilet - Yahoo! News

Retiree Flushes Money Down Toilet - Yahoo! News

I guess the old addage an idiot and his money are easily seperated is especially true in application to elderly Germans.

Evidence - Outline

Miller to introduce self-cooling beer cans next year - Soccer - U.S. international Beasley to face drunk driving charges - Thursday April 20, 2006 12:50PM - Soccer - U.S. international Beasley to face drunk driving charges - Thursday April 20, 2006

How about we change the culture of soccer? Seriously, I mean how can we let our children idolize people who drive drunk?

Changing the Culture of Lacrosse.........LMAO - More Sports - John Yeager: Changing the lacrosse culture - Thursday April 20, 2006

Yeah, the culture of lacrosse is just fine. Obviously what the players at Duke did was completely unacceptable, but lets be honest, that is the rarity. Unfortunately most Americans are too mother fucking stupid to know that. I played High Lacrosse, College Lacrosse, Club Lacrosse, and was offered a professional contract to play lacrosse in Australia. I am gonna go out on a limb and call John Yeager a fucking idiot. Yes, lacrosse players party hard. Yes, there is probably a good part of the culture of the sport that most retarded Americans would find appauling.

Now a history lesson for these fucking tools. Lacrosse has been around longer than any sport in North America, stemming back from the Native Americans. It was known as the game of war, Indian tribes would settle disputes with a not so friendly game, featuring a rock for a ball and a field often measuring over one mile long. How do you think they unwound from a game? Whereas I don't have any imperical evidence I am going to go out on a limb and say they partied their loin cloth wearing asses off after a win. As such, that very culture pre-dates our own American culture, so how about we shut our semi-retarded mouth and leave the sport the fuck alone.

I do feel horrible for this girl, and I honestly believe the NCAA should look into taking action against Duke University (yeah, I know they won't, it is Duke afterall). But what good is a grass roots effort going to do to change the culture of a sport that is older than the United States of America? Lacrosse is about playing a violent sport and partying hard. It has been that way since well before Europeans found this country, and it will be that way until the sun burns out in 5 billion years. Most lacrosse players don't commit gang rapes, apparently only a select few at Duke.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about what I thought would happen to the growth of lacrosse stemming from the Duke Scandal. I am sure it will take a hit, largely because your average soccer mom is too stupid to seperate the indiscretions of 2 to 3 depraved individuals from the rest of the people who play the sport. I didn't see these ass hats calling for a change in the culture of basketball after Kobe Bryant made a girl in Colorado kiss his penis. Of course had there been an outcry for this, it would likely have been seen as racially motivated. I guess though when it is a sport that is largely comprised of upper class white people and something happens we should change the culture. Wow, what a great world we live in................. - Uncle Kenny's dungeon inspires crackdown - Apr 20, 2006 - Uncle Kenny's dungeon inspires crackdown - Apr 20, 2006

Okay, now lets be honest, you didn't think something was wrong when your children were hanging out with a grown adult who lived in a trailer park? Uh huh....... Note to self, start pyramid scheme in Hartsville, SC.

Brat Child Gets $221,000 Settlement

City of Espanola, NM Jailed Student Settlement
City of Espanola, NMIn August 2004, 8-year-old Jerry Trujillo was sent to the school counselor's office after he hit another child with a basketball. Jerry then allegedly went out of control and refused to return to class. The police were summoned; they handcuffed the third grader and took him to the city jail where he was dressed in an orange jumpsuit and placed in a holding cell while adult inmates in a nearby cell taunted him. The Trujillo family filed a lawsuit against the city and was awarded a $221,000 settlement.

That'll teach the little brat won't it? Let's see, the kid commits Assault & Battery on a classmate, goes bonkers in the principal's office and needs to be arrested, and his family is compensated with over $200k. Seriously, bring that shit to trial, no way a jury awards more than that, especially if you play up the annoying child angle. I mean really, how many people would love to see annoying children sent to a jail, I know I would, and I am sure the average juror would too.

KRT Wire | 04/11/2006 | Soft drink makers sued over possible benzene threat - Court tosses 'Friends' lawsuit - Apr 20, 2006

Baylor Threatens Disciplinary Action If Coeds Pose In Playboy....

Oddly Enough News Article | "
SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - Baylor University in Waco, Texas, which bills itself as the world's largest Baptist college, has threatened to discipline female students if they pose for Playboy magazine, which is trying to recruit models from the college.Playboy photographers came to Baylor's hometown seeking models for a photo spread on women of the Big 12 college athletic conference, of which the college is a member.Baylor Vice President for Student Life Samuel W. Oliver sent an e-mail to women students this week warning that any who 'associate' with Playboy would be subject to the university's disciplinary processes.'Playboy is clearly antithetical to Baylor's mission and associating with the magazine would be a violation of the code of conduct,' Oliver wrote in the e-mail. University officials said punishment could include suspension.Baylor, known for its conservative outlook, did not allow dancing on campus until 10 years ago.A spokesman for Playboy declined to comment on the e-mail.The threatened punishment was met with a yawn by students on campus.One woman, who professed no desire to pose for Playboy, said Baylor officials had 'more important things to worry about' and wondered if male students would face similar punishment if they were seen reading an issue of Playboy featuring Baylor women.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

49ers, Broncos swap picksSan Francisco moves up to get Denvers' first-rounder

59 Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30

59 Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30

1. Coin his own nickname.

2. Use a wallet that is fastened with Velcro.

3. Rank his friends in order of best, second best, and so on.

4. Hacky sack.

5. Name his penis his name plus junior.

6. Hang art with tape.

7. Hang The Scream, unless he stole it from the Munch museum in Oslo.

8. Ask a policeman, "You ever shoot anybody with that thing?"

9. Ask a woman, "Hey, you got a license for that ass?"

10. Skip.

11. Take a camera to a nude beach.

12. Let his father do his taxes.

13. Tap on the glass.

14. Shout out a response to "Are you ready to rock?"

15. Use the word collated on his resume.

16. Hold a weekly house meeting with roommates.

17. Name pets after Middle Earth characters.

18. Jokingly flash gang signs while posing for wedding photos.

19. Give shout-outs.

20. Use numbers in place of words or locations, such as "the 411" for information, or "the 313" for Detroit.

21. Hug amusement-park characters.

22. Wear Disney-themed neckties.

23. Wake up to a "morning zoo."

24. Compare the trajectory of his life with those of the characters in Billy Joel's "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant."

25. Request extra sprinkles.

26. Air drum.

27. Choose 69 as his jersey number.

28. Eat Oreo cookies in stages.

29. Volunteer to be a magician's assistant.

30. Sleep on a bare mattress.

31. End a conversation with "later skater."

32. Hold his lighter up at a concert.

33. Publicly greet friends by shouting, "What's up, you whore?"

34. Wear Converse All Stars with a tuxedo.

35. Propose via stadium Jumbotron.

36. Decide anything based on the ruminations of Howard Stern.

37. Call "shotgun" before getting in a car.

38. Dispute someone else's call of "shotgun."

39. Whine.

40. Mist up during Aerosmith's "Dream On."

41. Purchase fireworks.

42. Google the word vagina.

43. Ride a pony.

44. Sport an ironic mustache.

45. Hit 13 against a 6.

46. Organize a party bus.

47. Say "two points" every time he throws something in the trash.

48. Buy a novelty postcard in another country of topless women on a beach and write, "Wish you were here" on it.

49. Keg stands.

50. Purchase home-brewing paraphernalia.

51. The John Travolta point-to-the-ceiling-point-to-the-floor dance move; also that one from Pulp Fiction.

52. Put less than ten dollars' worth of gas in the tank.

53. Keep a minuscule amount of marijuana extremely well hidden.

54. Read The Fountainhead.

55. Watch the Pink Floyd laser light show at a planetarium.

56. Refer to his girlfriend's breasts as "the twins."

57. Own a vanity plate.

58. Whippits.

59. Say goodbye to anyone by tapping his chest and even so much as whispering, "Peace out."

Top 5 Things You Should Never Buy

SCI FI Tech Link

Sadly I was dumb enough to buy expensive cables for my Xbox, but I still think they were worth it. I also bought a refurbished lap top from Dell and have had no regrets. - 'Suspicious device' found at Atlanta airport - Apr 19, 2006

Yahoo accused of helping jail Internet writer - Apr 19, 2006

American International College, the worst lacrosse program in America?

I say yes.

Here is a link to their schedule this season (it says 2005 in the link, but it is the 2006 schedule)

Here are the results for those too lazy to click the link.
3/21 Assumption 17 - AIC 1
3/25 Saint Michael's 13 - AIC 3
3/27 Merrimack 17 - AIC 1
3/29 Bryant 20 - AIC 0
4/3 Saint Anslem 18 - AIC 3
4/6 Pace 17 - AIC 2
4/9 Bentley 19 - AIC 1
4/18 LeMoyne 22 - AIC 0

Total Opponents 143 - AIC 11

So they have scored 2 less goals on the season than SMC scored against them, and that was their closest game (WTF SMC?). They have 2 games left vs. Franklin Pierce and Southern New Hampshire, can they win a game? This person says no.

Saint Michael's College 11 - Assumption 8

SMC Link

Go Purple Knights!

How Hard Can It Be To Rob A Bank?: In Western Mass, Pretty Damned Easy

From The Greenfield Recorder, my commentary below the italicized article.

Can it be that easy to rob a bank? Police say ‘yes,’ but safety is their main concern

By GEORGE W. CLAXTON, Recorder Staff

GREENFIELD — The day after police say the same man robbed his third bank in Franklin County within a week, police Capt. John Newton was asked why it seems so easy to rob banks in Greenfield.

“It’s easy to rob banks everywhere,” he replied.

Because most bankers don’t want to risk a shootout in a building full of customers, they generally wait until the robbers have left the bank before notifying the police.

In the case of the robbery of the TD Banknorth in Greenfield on Monday, for example, witnesses say that the workers in the bank held off until they saw the robber walk away before they called the police.

It was the second time in a week that the bank was robbed by a note-wielding man who slipped away through downtown streets before police arrived.

Police are looking for Max E. Churchill, 25, of 361 Route 8A, Heath, identifying him as a suspect in all three bank heists in the past week in the county.

“In the end, it’s better that way because the last thing you want is to have an armed and desperate person in a building full of innocent people.

“That’s why there are no armed guards in banks anymore. It’s not that it wasn’t cost effective, it’s just that people were getting hurt,” Newton said.

The captain said that it is every police officer’s nightmare to have an armed man in a room full of hostages.

“In the greater scheme of things, it’s property versus lives.

“They may get an amount of money, but in the long run they’re going to get caught. The vast majority of these guys get caught,” he said.

John Hall, spokesman for the American Bankers Association, agrees with Newton.

“Three out of four bank robbers do get caught within 18 months of their crime. These are not rational people; your chances of getting caught are very high and the amount of money that you are likely to get is very small,” he said.

According to Hall, 50 percent of bank robberies are committed by drug users who need money to feed their habits.

Bank security

Most banks, Hall said, have a standard series of security measures that they employ as a matter of course to retard crime.

“They do simple things such as making sure the tellers monitor their cash amounts and make regular deposits so that they never have too much in their drawers. They use time locks on the safe so that it varies the time that it opens and no one can open it in-between.

“They also vary the pattern in which they open the doors to the bank and the times at which they open the doors. The key is not to make things repetitive. Thieves don’t like variation,” he said.

Hall also said that having armed guards in a bank is a bad idea.

“Most security experts say that anytime you introduce a gun into the lobby, you vastly increase the chance of gunplay, ricocheting bullets and the like.

“In any robbery situation, the bank’s number one priority is making sure that everyone is safe. That’s not negotiable,” he said.

Because there are so few guns in use in banks around the country, Hall says, injuries occur in less than 2 percent of bank robberies.

“In places where they have a lot of robberies, banks will sometimes station armed guards outside of the bank as a deterrent. It works because they don’t want these guys in the bank in the first place,” he said.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the northeastern United States, which had an estimated 18.6 percent of the country’s population in 2004, accounted for 19.5 percent of the nation’s robberies. However, the estimated number of robberies in the region declined by about 3.3 percent from what it was in 2003.

FBI statistics say that of the robberies in the northeast, only 3.6 percent are bank robberies, almost twice as many robberies, 6.7 percent, occur at convenience stores. The largest percentage of robberies, 53.2 percent, occur on streets and highways.

Gail Marcinkiewicz, an FBI special agent, said that bank robberies in the state last year were down slightly from 2004, but saw a major drop since 2003.

“In Massachusetts alone, there were 190 bank robberies in 2005, 193 bank robberies in 2004 and 250 bank robberies in 2003,” she said.

Federal courts

The FBI has been called in to assist on the most recent robberies in Franklin County because bank robbery is a federal offense.

According to a spokeswoman from the United States Attorney’s Office, the penalty for robbing a bank is quite variable.

“The short answer is 20 years for unarmed robbery and 25 years for armed robbery, but it would depend on what is involved, guns, other factors,” she said.

The guidelines for federal sentencing set a base offense level which is then modified by such things as the brandishing of a dangerous weapon that is not a firearm, the use or display of a firearm, the discharge of a firearm, injury sustained by any victim and the seriousness of the injury.

According to the federal guidelines, the judge can also consider the criminal history of the defendant and add points for previous incarcerations and can take into account whether the current crime was committed while the thief was on probation or on work release.

Given the conditions of the three robberies in Franklin County this month, the threat of a firearm could raise the base offense level to 25 years.

Under state law, a person found guilty of armed robbery can be sent to prison for any number of years up to life behind bars.

This month’s robberies

Since April 11, there have been three bank robberies in Franklin County. Two were robberies of the same branch of TD Banknorth in Greenfield and the third was at the Sunderland branch of Greenfield Co-operative Bank on Amherst Road last Saturday.

According to police, in all three cases a tall white man walked into the bank, handed a teller a note suggesting that he had a gun, took the money and left.

Using forensic evidence, police say that they have identified the thief as Churchill, and he is now wanted in all three incidents on charges of armed robbery.

Churchill is described as a white man 6 feet 3 inches tall with brown hair and green eyes.

According to police, during the robbery of the Greenfield TD Banknorth on April 11, Churchill was sporting a mustache and a goatee, but he may have shaved off his facial hair since then.

Police say that on Monday, after escaping from the area of the bank in downtown Greenfield, Churchill drove the stolen car he was using to the town of Whately, where he abandoned it. Investigators think that he must have had another vehicle waiting there, or someone waiting to give him a ride.

The Saturday Sunderland robber also used a stolen vehicle to drive to Whately where a swap apparently was made.

“We know there are a series of people helping him and running him around. These people have been doing nothing to help us find this guy and they have to understand that he is going to jail and if they help him, so are they,” said Greenfield Police Chief David Guilbault.

The chief said that he is worried that if the bank robberies continue someone will eventually get hurt.

“I don’t want that to happen. This is just foolishness and it needs to stop,” he said angrily.

Police request that anyone who may have any information concerning the whereabouts of Churchill or any information concerning the robberies contact them at (413) 773-5411 or (413) 774-3186 and ask for the detective bureau.

Local representatives of TD Banknorth were not available for comment after the robbery.

However, Leslie Roberts a spokeswoman for the Portland, Maine-based bank, said officials were relieved that no one had been hurt.

“As a rule, other than to confirm that it happened, we can’t comment on something that’s still under investigation,” she said.

“The safety of our employees and customers are at the top of our minds. We have a security program in place. Our regular employees are trained, and we keep our security system upgraded. We’re cooperative with authorities,” Roberts added. “We’re thankful that everybody’s fine.”

I live in Western Massachusetts, one town over from these bank robberies. If I am being honest, the cops in our area borderline on retarded at best. I would use the word incompetent, but I don't want to insult incompetent people around the world. I would never rob a bank, but if I were to pick a locale to do it, Franklin County, Massachusetts would be near the top of my list. We don't have a lot of crime, the way say Detroit does, or even Hampden County, Massachusetts (Springfield & Holyoke), so the cops aren't the most street toughened units you will find. Typically, people will begin their jobs as Police Officers before ever attending the Massachusetts Police Academy. Most have some Community College, some just a high school diploma, some have an actual four year college education, but those are by far the minority. As such I would be remiss in saying they are qualified to actually perform the duties of this rather important job, and are often ill prepared for the realities of the world. Hopefully this comes to an end soon, given that the geniuses robbing banks aren't exactly the highest quality, given the latest assclown didn't even obscure his face. That being said, people are learning how easy it is, which could create some more serious problems. Hopefully this is turned over to a higher authority soon enough.

Duke Rape Indictment - April 18, 2006

Duke Rape Indictment

From - Cruise, Holmes welcome daughter Suri - Apr 19, 2006

What's the oldest cold case ever solved?

Is globalization destined to fail? - Editorials & Commentary - International Herald Tribune

Hilarious Blog Post

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 - Judge: Doctors not required to report teen sex - Apr 18, 2006 - Judge: Doctors not required to report teen sex - Apr 18, 2006: "
Judge: Doctors not required to report teen sex

Coach on DVD - 6/13/06

Coach (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From the bottom of its Wikipedia page.



You never know when you'll need them I suppose. Plus I am playing with a new Firefox extension that makes blogging about my web finds a piece of cake.

Baseball Mogul 2007 Demo

UVM student activists, faculty respond to last week's eviction of demonstrators from UVM Green

UVM Students Protesting Again

I guess they needed to do something to entertain them between now and Thursday. I remember when I was a kid a bunch of white kids at UVM held a sit in at the President's office over the lack of diversity on campus. I know on its face it sounds like a good cause, but the problem was the University of Vermont is the major state university of a state that at the time was 99.5% caucasian and there were next to no minorities applying to the school from out of state.

Major League Baseball : News : Major League Baseball News

Major League Baseball : News : Major League Baseball News: "
Fan arrested for throwing tube at Bonds
Man reportedly upset over not getting autograph years ago

So when he was 7 years old Bonds refused to sign an autograph and he has been holding a grudge ever since. So does anyone actually believe he isn't a virgin? - Bowden reviews FSU's spring practice - Bowden reviews FSU's spring practice: "
Bobby Bowden is making his annual Booster Tour. The Head Seminole made a stop on the First Coast on Monday to play golf at the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club. caught up with Coach Bowden to discuss his impressions of the recently concluded spring practices and of course, his golf game.

ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports

ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports:
Two Arrests In Duke Lacrosse Case A day after two sealed indictments were issued, two 20-year-old Duke University lacrosse players were arrested early Tuesday on charges of rape, sexual offense and kidnapping, a jail official said.

Monday, April 17, 2006

NFL Draft Analysis: Ernie Sims III

Ernie Sims, LB, Florida State

Coming out of high school in 2003, the Tallahassee, FL native was the number one ranked player in America. With these accolades comes increased pressure, and this pressure was only exponentially increased when Sims signed with hometown favorite FSU. To say Sims was disappointing at FSU would be unfair, but probably true. Coming into FSU he was undersized to play Linebacker and in my opinion he should have been moved to Rover (Strong Safety by NFL terminology) early on. However, he was left at linebacker. He had a solid freshman season for FSU and followed it up with a good sophomore season. However late in the seasons teams like N.C. State and Clemson showed off his weaknesses by running right at him. Sims was too small to take on blockers in the ACC, and that likely won’t change in the NFL.

To be successful in the NFL, I think Sims will need to follow in the footsteps of Carnell Lake or Adam Archuleta and change positions early on. He has tremendous cover skills as he displayed vs. Maryland, holding Vernon Davis to 1 reception for 8 yards while in man to man coverage, he also further showed that with an impressive interception that sealed victory for FSU.

My overall analysis would have Sims going in the late first round to a team with an established Strong Safety whom could teach Sims the position. New England with Rodney Harrison would be the perfect fit, however he will likely to earlier and play Linebacker where he will likely struggle and become a bust.

2005 Draft Preview

Well everyone and their uncle as posted a 'Mock Draft' by now, so instead of doing that I'll give my opinion on players and what strengthes and weaknesses I see in each player.

Reggie Bush, RB, Southern California

In my opinion he is the best looking running back prospect to come into the NFL since Barry Sanders in 1989. He has jaw dropping moves, breath taking speed, and eye popping field vision. On top of those tangibles, he can play RB, WR, and be a return specialist. Houston could not ask for a more talented nor diversed player with their number one selection.
However, there is a concern of durability. He wasn't the classic work horse back in college splitting carries with both Herschel Dennis and LenDale White. He also had a lot of pressure taken off of him by the prolific passing game with Matt Leinart, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith, and Dominique Byrd. However, that could also be a major plus for him, as his body hasn't taken the beating that other players have, such as DeAngelo Williams of Memphis. This could of course only serve to prolong his career in the long run.

Vince Young, QB, Texas

Of all the players with the potential to go in the Top 10, Young is the one who would give me the greatest reasons for concern (especially with LenDale White falling to the bottom of the First Round). Young was an amazing player for Texas, there is no doubting that. I don’t think there was a player in America, including Reggie Bush that gave opposing Defensive Coordinators more terrifying nightmares. You had to take in his ability to tuck and run on every play, but you also had to account the skill position talent Texas possessed. You could focus on stopping Young from running, but would open up the passing game.

In the NFL, you will need to take these factors into account but given the level of athlete you see at Linebacker, Young’s threat to run will be greatly diminished. Add to that, the coverage skills of NFL Defensive Backs is exponentially greater than that of the Defensive Backs Texas faced in 2005. So you are left with a player with a ceiling that is out of sight, but whom could also be a huge bust. Young will need the right offense to succeed, you cannot bottle him up in the West Coast Offense like Atlanta has done with Michael Vick, but at the same time if you run the offense Texas did you will just get killed with how simple it would be for an NFL Defensive Coordinator to take dissect. If I am Tennessee sitting at number three, I cannot pull the trigger with a player with a lower ceiling but less bust potential like Matt Leinart available to me. However, if Leinart goes to New Orleans at number 2, then passing on Young with Steve McNair’s future in the air could be fatal to a struggling franchise.

Kamerion Wimbley, DE, Florida State

I do not believe that there is a more interesting player in this draft than Wimbley. He didn’t start at Florida State until his senior year, backing up Eric Moore and Chauncey Davis previously to this past season. He had a strong senior season, but nothing too spectacular. However, he has been a beast in workouts, and like DeMarcus Ware in 2005, he has soared up most teams’ draft boards. So now the question must be asked if he is in fact this year’s DeMarcus Ware, or if he is another Mike Mamula. I have seen him play the past 4 years and I cannot honestly answer the question. I just don’t see the body of work to make this judgment. He was a backup, albeit to current NFL players, but they went much lower than Wimbley is projected to go. I am reading teams see him as an Outside Linebacker in a 3-4 scheme and a rush end in a 4-3. Former FSU Defensive End Peter Boulware made the switch successfully, however Reinard Wilson was unable to make the transition. I think Wimbley has first round talent, but he scares me a lot as a potential bust because of the Mamula-esque way he has become a premier prospect.